Product Design Project developed for my Master Thesis in Digital Design under The Anti-Amnesia Project (POCI-01-0145-ERDF-029022). Led in Design Sprints, with user interviews and user testing with a small focus group.

Screenshot of Product Listing Page showing filter options and several products

Back in 2019, I joined a college workshop held by a group of senior weaving artisans. These artisans were making an effort to move into the digital space to attract younger generations but with no success: difficulty setting up and managing online stores, lack of visibility and user-friendly Portuguese platforms, etc.

During this event, I noticed how my peers were fascinated with how they reinvented their art to craft pieces any Gen-Z would use, and wanted to support their work. Atelier was born from these conversations - a national marketplace connecting crafters and younger generations.

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This project included the entire shopping flow for Buyers and the onboarding and CRM tool for Sellers. Being part of a bigger academic project, Atelier would be a tool used in collaboration with the researchers and only registered artisans could sell on the platform.

Screenshot of Design System components

Atelier Design System

Screenshot of product detail page

Atelier - Buyers

Screenshot of CRM tool

Atelier - Sellers

We had two rounds of user testing with a small focus group. Each group was given tasks in Typeform, and they had to rate the level of difficulty of each task using an SEQ Likert scale. In the end, users rated their experiences in a System Usability Scale (SUS) questionnaire. Heatmaps were recorded using UserBerry.

Screenshot of heatmap showing how users experienced the website

During my thesis, I had the chance to showcase this project in multiple conferences (such as IPCA D3), workshops, and academic articles.

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